Philippines has known to be the “most efficient outsourcing country” right now, due to the fact that there are tons of reasons why they are outsourcing their business in the Philippines such as: different Line Of Business (LOB) in a contact center that are being outsourced, IT, software, webmaster and specially SEO (Search Engine Optimizer). Try to look at your surroundings and you’ll see how many businesses are being outsourced right now. Today, being financially educated is a must. You cannot simply let other people do the job or it will end up a waste of money and time. Anyway, I would like to name and explain some of the reasons why outsourcing in the Philippines is beneficial for your business’ success.

Cost Effective or Less Expensive (CELE)

cost effective


It is one of the advantage for any company who would like to have their business being taken care of by just paying a very low price. In fact, this is the main reason why they would like to outsource “the business” in the country. Big companies have realized this and now earning more than what they are spending. Some other companies that aren’t that big are considering this as a good option and would like to expand the field of whatever business they are in. You see, saving a lot of money while someone is doing the business and running it for you in a less expensive price, gives you the ability to focus on other businesses that is in need of your full attention. In addition to that, the ability and skills of these Filipinos being hired, I would say, are admirable and exceptional. I would like you to take a look of the currency exchange of dollar, Australian dollar and euro to Php or Philippine peso.

  • 1DOLLAR = Php41.3800
  • 1EURO = Php54.3071
  • 1AUS = Php43.5193

In this range, an average employee is getting paid Php400+ to Php600+ per day. That is like 11 to 15 dollars per day, and that is just an hour rate in the U.S. for 8 to 9 hours of work. Now this is serious savings we are talking about here. You just save, yourself and your money at approximately 7 to 8 days of savings. You do the math on the rest.

Online Activities

online activities

As I have checked and did some research on the net. I found out, that Philippines is one of the highest online user in the world, being the top 17 internet user out of the top 20 internet in the world. Making most Filipinos computer literate and tech savvy. Check the stats below, updated last 31st of March 2012.

  • Population 2011 Est =  101,833,938
  • Internet Users Year 2000 = 2,000,000
  • Internet Users Latest Data = 33,600,000
  • Penetration (% Population) = 33.0 %
  • World % Users = 1.5 %
  • Facebook 31-Mar-2012 = 27,724,040

Internet has become a part of our lives and in the Philippines, it is a part of their daily habit. This makes it easier for a tasks to be done in no time. Being used to using the internet gave them an advantage and now earning money either for a part time or full time job. It’s not just about downloading music, games, searching pictures or just social networking, it’s about maximizing the potential of the net and use it to make something out of it. When almost every internet users are good at surfing or researching things online. You can see that even little kids can operate a computer now. There is computer everywhere obviously and those who masters and took a degree on computer course are far even better operating / accessing it.

Good at almost everything

Good job turquoise grunge retro style isolated seal

Filipino’s are known to be hard working, smart and very competent on what they do. For instance, SEO job. It is a blooming industry that most Filipino’s are now in to it. They do link trading or link buying which helps their website increase traffic by trading links on different website, sometimes buying a slot on someones website and post the SEO’s website his promoting on that purchased slot. Guest posting and article writing are the same, the only difference between them is that when you write an article, it gets posted on your own website while on the other hand, guest posting gets posted on someones website. Another task of an SEO would be social media activity. Normally, SEO’s has social media account, in this scenario what they share is their links and promotes their website or whatever website they are working on. Forums posting could be done on social media activity as well, as they get a lot of traffic on the discussion and readers comment on their posted topic, where they share ideas, their thoughts to the public or fellow SEO people. Lastly, bookmarking. It’s not the regular bookmarking you see on a regular browser, this is a unique way of increasing the the rank of the link you are promoting to be on the top of the list on most search engine browser.