Philippines The New Home Of Call Centers?

Call-CenterAs we all know, India is the place to be if we talk of call centers and other Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). However, call centers in the Philippines are now on the rise as a matter of fact it had indeed overtaken India as of last year as the worlds biggest call center operator. As of now the Philippines has 400,000 people at call centers compared to India’s 350,000. Expert says that trend will continue for the coming years, as an array of call centers are now being established throughout the country. Here is the list of call center establishments throughout the Philippines according to a call center directory, with 788 call centers in 20 key locations as follows:

• Bacolod City – 6
• Batangas City – 1
Lipa City – 2
Baguio City – 8
• Cabanatuan City – 1
• Cagayan De Oro – 3
• Dumaguete City – 5
• Metro Cebu – 44
• Metro Davao – 10
• Eastwood City – 30
• Gumaca, Quezon – 1
• Iligan City – 2
• Iloilo – 7
• La Union – 1
• Laguna – 12
• Las Pinas City – 9
Makati City – 274
• Mandaluyong City – 32
• Manila City – 38
• Marikina City – 10
• Muntinlupa City – 24
• Ortigas Center – 141
• Pampanga – 18
• Pasig City – 27
• Quezon City – 77
Rizal – 4
• San Juan City – 13
• Zamboanga City – 1

When Did BPO Start In The Philippines?



The trend in call centers just started in recent years, however, the first calls were already taken place more than a decade. It has begun it’s popularity in the middle of the new millennium, when college graduates who can’t find job took advantage of it and the trend goes on. With a declining economy, call centers will continually provide as an alternative profession for those professionals and newly grads that does not have a job. Furthermore, Filipinos are being enticed to work as a call center agent due to high salary and other incentives that they receive. As of today sector already employs 638,000 people, and have a revenues of $11 billion, and that takes about 5% of the country’s Gross domestic product (GDP).

Filipinos Better Than Indians?

Call-center-agents-on-the-jobFilipinos have some qualities that American customers admire about, that is why call centers in the Philippines somewhat surpasses it’s a rival country in terms of outsourcing jobs. One of which was that Filipino call center agents can speak English with a neutral accent and they are familiar with American idioms and also have a knowledge in using English grammar since most of them are college graduates. This is what American customers prefer, compared to Indians which has an issue regarding their accents and voice neutralization which requires added voice coaching. Moreover, with Filipino’s having a premium accent compared to other Asian countries, some countries including India are now moving to the Philippines to set their centers in the country’s capital which is Manila. Here is the type of support that agents in the Philippines are providing.

• Outbound Calls – include Advisories, Sales Verification, Customer Services, Surveys and it is usually the Call center agent who calls the client.
• Inbound Calls – include Inquiries, Technical Support, Inbound Sales and various Customer services and in this situation it is the client who calls the call center agent.

Other Offerings

Aside from call centers there is now another type of BPO that is also moving to the Philippines. Legal and Medical transcription is also one of the high rising job these days. With a lot of nursing professionals graduates every year this is one way for them to get employed. These companies require their agents to do medical reports, discharge summaries, operative reports, progress notes regarding therapy and rehabilitation, and medical chart notes. All these reports are done using US based equipment and software. Furthermore, outsourcing jobs for lawyers are also setting their way in the country, as Integreon a trusted legal, research and business services provider including law firm corporate and departments goes outsourcing. There are 40 lawmakers that were employed together with 300 more employees from Manila. As what Benjamin Romuladez the firm’s country manager says, “It makes it very easy for us to do legal research for American firms.”Mr. Romualdez are also expecting that he can find the skilled workers to double his workforce over five years.

Do you think that BPO will be a permanent? Are you in favor of this outsourcing jobs? Is it a good thing for a country like Philippines? Share us your thoughts by hitting the comment box below.