How to Motivate BPO Staff in 3 Ways

There are many words that can be used to describe the work life of a BPO employee. “Easy” isn’t one of them. Constantly shifting schedules, irate customers, cold-calling rejections; these are only three of the common problems that BPO workers, especially call center agents, have to face.

Like all employees, people working in this industry are bound to experience “low-energy” days. Some employees and managers simply sweep this under the rug, hoping the employee would work themselves out of the issue. While this can sometimes work, it’s not the best approach. If you notice a steady drop in your staff’s productivity, it’s time to take action.

We all know that happy and motivated employees work better, and achieve quotas much faster. But how can you, as a leader, motivate your team without resorting using money as an instigator? Today, I’ll show you 3 ways to motivate your staff easily.

  1. Giving them the right tools

    How to Motivate BPO Staff in 3 Ways

Whether you’re running on a tight budget or not, your team’s motivation levels are directly influenced by two things: their personal lives and their work environment. The former, you won’t be able to control but the latter, you surely can.

When you hire someone to work for your business, you should be prepared to equip them with the right tools and facilities for them to work safely and comfortably. Those with in-house employees may find this difficult, but most good BPO companies in the Philippines are already equipped with high-quality work equipment and robust IT infrastructures that will allow workers to reach their goals faster.

  1. Listen to your employees

    How to Motivate BPO Staff in 3 Ways

Each employee have their own personal lives, and like all of us, they may also experience problems with their family, friends, or lovers. As previously stated, you can’t really affect their personal life nor can you solve some of the problems they experience. However, you can be a good mentor at work,

To be a trustworthy leader, you have to be willing to listen to their problems — even if it’s not work-related. Many employers realized that one of the greatest secret in keeping BPO agents motivated is by providing them with a good team leader that genuinely cares about their well-being.

  1. Avoid punishing them


The carrots and sticks approach would be much more effective without the “sticks” part. Positive reinforcement has been proven, time and again, to be highly effective in motivating workers. Punishing them for not reaching their quota, or for making small mistakes, can only do more harm than good.

If an employee keeps making mistakes, assess the situation privately. Talk to them in a calm manner and ask them to identify the cause of the issue. Embarrassing them in front of the entire team may make them bitter and angry. The right thing to do would be to offer to teach them how to do the job properly, as they may simply have forgotten how to do it themselves.

The success of your outsourcing campaign depends primarily on how productive your employees are. Choosing a company that genuinely cares about their staff is an investment that you would never regret.